Kruze :: Deanna Bullock
From Deanna re Kruze written to Renice

Ear is doing much better. I still tape at night and it's correct 95% of the time. She's losing the molars fine. When I looked yesterday it looked like her adult canines are coming in beside the pup canines. If you feel like looking at her I can drive her up to you when convenient. Didn't look like the pup canines are trying to come out yet. Not loose and she has no problem playing tug, which means they aren't loose enough to be painful.S aturday I'm supposed to do a HV in VA Beach for a 73 year old lady.

I finally got her to her pup agility class tonight. I missed the first 3 weeks, where the older pups learned to do tunnel, table, tire, 8" high broad jump and pup teeter. Before tonight she had never seen any of this. It only took showing her how to do each obstacle twice for her to learn what she was supposed to do. She was fearless!! She flew through the tunnel, jumped right up onto the table and sat when I told her to, and loved jumping the one board broad jump. When I showed her the pup teeter ( a board the width of regulation equipment on a 6" diameter PVC pipe), she followed the treats and it didn't phase her when it tiled. She just automatically shifted her weight, and when it's end hit the ground just went on off like a pro. By the third try on the short 4 piece sequence, she was heeling perfectly through the cones and did all the pieces off lead just fine. She loves the tunnel! Next week I'll have my roommate go and video her so you and Nancy can have it for the website. I want to start videoing her just to have it to look back on. After tonight there's no doubt in my mind that I have the caliber of dog I was hoping to get. She's confident, fearless but careful, focuses on me and the tug or treats, and is FAST! She learns everything very quickly.

Gayle that does the Conformation classes, saw Kruze as I was desensitizing her to being around other dogs after her pup class, and said she was a beautiful pup. Hopefully this week I'll get the camera software loaded, and get some good shots of Kruze  standing in profile. I haven't taken any shots since it's not very bright at 6 in the AM, but when she and Kixx have their morning and evening run in the field, there are often several chances to get really good side views of her. She's either watching Kixx, or will hear something and go into a natural stack, that shows a beautiful topline, Towards the end of the 30-45 minute run she will go into "Kruze" mode and shows a very smooth gait. I've attached a 1 minute video of the two playing towards the end wen they slowed down. When I watched it I was amazed at how agile and athletic Kruze is.

After tonight Kruze showed me she will make a wonderful Obedience, Rally, Agility and Tracking dog. It will be a challenge for me with her in agility because she's going to be very fast. I predict that she will have her Agility Championship, and will be in the top 10 of her breed and/or class at least once, which is what it takes to be invited to the Agility Nationals. I think she will have the points needed in a calendar year, to be invited to the Nationals more than once during her career. She's smart and loves doing it like Star, who is my gauge for Kruze, and Kruze is exceeding my expectations right now. Being smart and loving the sport like Star means she's going to learn to do everything quickly, will have lateral "outs" for speed, and will be able to figure out which jump to take on her own when applicable.

6 months

Kruze did very well in her pup agility class. She had no problem learning the tunnel, table, tire, two pole weave entry, and the pup teeter. When doing the obstacles as a sequence, she never tried to run off, and paid no attention to other dogs. She kept her focus on me and what was ahead of her. She got her tug away from me once and got the zoomies. Instead of trying to run out of the ring like most dogs, she instead just kept going back and forth through the tunnel! I think I have another dog like Star, who is going to suck to tunnels. That's okay because Kruze is going to learn which end to take by learning "right" and left" tunnel. She only paid attention to other dogs when waiting her turn. She thinks every dog should play with her. I'm putting her in a night Basic Obedience class the next session, which starts in about 2 weeks. She has to learn to ignore all dogs, which of course for a pup is a hard thing to do. All that meet her at the club love her personality, and the beautiful soul that emanates from her eyes.

She's a very active pup, that loves to retrieve anything, play tug, and of course run and wrestle with Kixx. Kruze also loves to bite at water drops, that fall off of the tree and roof when it rains, as well as biting at water from the spigot. She learns new commands quickly, so it took no time for her to learn to do the hand touch, which teaches her to follow the hand presented when doing agility.