Julep :: Cathy Gill

Driven to Knoxville from Yorktown. First meeting with Cathy.
Cathy was smitten with Julep from Day 1.
She was housetrained almost from the beginning and both Cathy and Tom
are delighted with how smart their girl is.

Cathy says that after eating, Julep always flips over her food bowl with an "I'm done!"

One of the reasons Cathy and Tom decided to add to their family was due to their 4 year-old
grief-stricken Rottie, Cash, who had lost the only companion that mattered to him, his beloved Jazz.
It's taken a while for him to accept a wild and crazy puppy, but he is beginning to make the adjustment
and they are beginning to form a bond. He's no longer looking so quite so glum, but it's taken a couple
of months . . .
Nothing like lounging around on Mom and Dad's bed on a lazy Sunday morning . . .

Julep in her backyard
Julep and her brother, Ike, spent three fun-filled days together at Cathy's Louisville home.
Cathy's good friend, Donna, came over and worked with the pups on stacking.
Both Ike and Julep are going through what we call the "uglies", which is a normal
phase where the heads aren't quite right, legs are too long and ears are iffy.
Not to worry, everything will sort its way out and would be surprised if all these
pups don't just turn out the way we'd hoped.

Missing Ike

ditto from Ike

Julep is turning out to be a lovely and very spirited young female.
Her head needs to fill out, but that will come. Pics here were taken 9.10 and 9.11

Both the photo above and below are during Julep's training sessions at Savannah Springs
k-9 Center. She had just finish a boot camp session with Derek Blair below after our trip to
Kiawah, So. Carolina. She made a LOT of progress during her training!! She's just getting
ready to go back home in this shot.

Julep's profile 10.13 Kiawah