Jonah :: Stephanie Schatz

Jonah, aka Hot Pink male, was destined to become Stephanie Schatz new service Rottweiler.
Here he is checking out his new digs with approval. Stephanie has two ponds on her property in Oregon
and has needed to fence so Jonah won't drink the water as he did get a bout of giardia after his first encounter!

Just landed and safe in Stephanie's arms!

Jonah's first trip to a restaurant with Steph

These outings can really tire out a little working guy! Think I'll get in a little snooze . . .

Jonah and his best friend ever, Reina

4 months old! 50 lbs.

In his "swamp cooler" coat . As hot as this summer's been, a great solution!!

WHO???? ME???? You're accusing ME??

Odd . . . that the drywall scar just happens to be at the level of a 4 1/2 mo. old Rottweiler pup laying down, who just happens to be teething . . . Jonah demands a trial by a jury of his peers, but motion has been denied.

Fortunately paint is easily matched these days, but finding someone to do a small drywall repair . . . maybe not so easy. And, might want to wait until teething is over!!

One nice-looking puppy!
At right, he's accompanying Stephanie to Midsummer's Night Dream at the
Ashland Shakepeare Festival. Reports are that he was an exemplary escort!!

Jonah, wearing his predecessor Bryce's vest. Nice step down mounted on the bumper!

Frick (at 6 months) and Frack with sunlight pouring in on "Frack."
Stephanie has a wonderful video of Jonah at an outdoor concert.
Hoping we can put up the link in the next few days.

From Stephanie

I decide to let Jonah sleep outside his crate overnight seeing as he's been in there all evening while I was out...

I'm almost asleep and the security alarm starts blasting and the phone is ringing...ADT.

Ma'am the master bedroom door has been compromised.

No. It's locked.

Could anything have jarred the door?

Anything? Like a 70 pound Rottweiler puppy playing ball?

Sure...that would activate it.

Then I guess we have our burglar.

I'll cancel the alarm.

Thank you.

< lol>

Jonah takes home a First Class Ribbon (plus the other perks!!) in the Big Dog Class
at the Mutt-Minster Charity Event in Ashland, OR, October 6, 2013..
Way to go Stephanie and Jonah!!