Ike :: Nancie Guido

Lounging on a rock in our front yard.

His first only obedience class at PetsMart.
I just felt he needed better socialization and class structure,
but this photo turned out to be sweet.
June12 ::
I chose Savannah Springs K9 Center as they do puppy training along with a variety of classes for working dogs. It is also nice that it is practically in my back yard! Is amazing to see how they train search and rescue, as well as narc and explosives. There is NO obedience in those venues, pure upbeat motivation.

This is Derek with Ike at our second class. So far we've focused on name recognition, recall and here we are learning to heel.

This is so different than the way I taught Rusty and am feeling very hopeful that Ike will come to love working for me . . . something I can't always say for Rusty. Back then, I was using a variety of different methods, one of which was a smattering of Koehler. When I opened up the book recently, it all seemed so harsh that I can't believe I actually trained using some of the methods!!!

June 19 ::
I was beside myself trying to integrate the family dog pack (my little rat terrier was especially stressed to the point of trying to bite me!), tired from lack of sleep, still grieving over the loss of Mya on the 7th. Went to class and asked Derek if he could help me sort out what I might be doing wrong with regard to Ike's schedule. He took 30 to 40 minutes while we crated Ike, painstakingly writing down the details of a structured program for Ike. Even on Day 1, the results were nothing short of astounding!! My husband, Mike, kept muttering, "This is like a new dawn." Thank you Derek!!

Funny what a difference a day can make.
Derek said he is impressed with how easily Ike is to train to the point of complimenting me on our at-home exercises. Becoming quite excited at Ike's working potential!!

After an unexpected plunge into my friend Melanie's pool on Friday, June 21, Ike's no worse for the experience;
I had gone in the house to change and missed the whole thing.
Fortunately, his 10-yo buddy, Isaiah, was around to show him the way to safety and Ike enjoyed playing soccer and just lounging around poolside,
though he was not eager to get back into the pool again. Am thinking a couple of swim sessions at Barkside Lodge are in order.

Taken same day as his first pool experience at my friend, Melanie's.
Izzy, who is my god daughter, was in stitches over Ike. He didn't quite know WHAT to make of her,
but it was a good experience for both and adults always kept a close eye out for trouble!

The pups grew up with these smaller Kuranda beds and they loved them.
We bought Ike his own "grown up" K-bed.

Lying out on the newly installed yard, Kadie, Ike and Jake. At first, we thought we had major
Rottweiler rottotiller action with Ike picking up pieces of sod and carrying them around.
That was when I remembered making up a couple of "Shake Cans" for Rusty (empty soda cans
or bottles, filled partially filled with rocks, taped shut with duct tape) and throwing them off to the
side of the "bad dog." Don't call the Humane Society, this was not to hit the dog, only to startle him.
Now all I have to do is pick up the can and I have his undivided attention.

Four months old :: Teeth coming out and going in. Stephanie Schatz shared that she gives a homeopath
for teething and I picked some up at my health food store as well. Just seems to quiet nerves and stress
of this major event. Started taping his ears after a couple of days of folded ears, but am thinking it probably
won't be necessary but for 3 or 4 days.

Ike spent 3 glorious days in Louisville with his sister, Julep mid July. They recognized each
other instantly and had a ball playing in Cathy's very lovely, but totally dog-friendly
living space. Cathy and I go back to when Rusty won his 3 back-to-back majors in
Lexington's Blue Grass Classic. Was fun to hang out together as old friends.

Cathy's friend, Donna, stacking Ike 7.13 at Julep's home.

Would have been nice to have him stretched out, but it was hot and all of us were tired!
Ike and Julep spent a long weekend together truly cutting up the rug. Below, they're
heading out for training before Julep heads home . . . and we all take a rest . . .

September 16, 2013
Been working with Ike on not pulling when out for our walks, into the vet's office where
there are other dogs or when there are distractions that keep him from obeying me.
While I certainly don't want to wussify or break his spirit, I absolutely do want him to become a
dog that I can handle at my age who can go with me to all the fun places we will surely enjoy
together. Most of our training at Savannah Springs working on a BH has been off lead with minimal
distractions, so we really hadn't addressed pulling me around; it honestly hadn't been a problem
until this past week when he pulled away from me in the vet's office rushing over to meet a tiny,
fluffy dog cowering in the corner with his owner. Yes, I was embarrassed that I had not done my
reconnaisance before taking him in to get his weight and more importantly that I could not control
him! Sixty lbs. at 6 1/2 mos. is way too powerful not to be trained properly, puppy or no!!

Went to the internet and found several good articles on Teaching Your Dog Not to Pull on
a Lead and started working on the technique I felt would get the fastest, best results for my boy:
Turning Around and Going in the Opposite Direction or Just Stopping When He Starts Pulling.
While I used to know a lot of training techniques pretty well, I haven't had to do much training
as the dogs I have now aren't the same caliber or size of Ike; their behavior is manageable.
Much to my embarrassment, I confess to using a pinch collar on Rusty (which I still have in a
drawer somewhere); I did not want to do the same with Ike. Better, more positive training techniques
are what I'm after this time around. So far, I'm pleased with the results though it will likely take a
number of sessions to become fully learned behavior. Taking along a good supply of treats
(before breakfast) helps keep him focused.

We've pretty much got the "No Jump Up" in the Good Behavior column and working with Julep
when she was visiting last week, was delighted that she too is putting that into her repetoire as
well. As her "Grannie", I did get in her face one morning after experiencing a strained wrist
and a hurtful scratch with her excited jumping antics. I grabbed her by the cheeks, shook her,
and told her firmly "NO JUMP!" She got it thankfully with Cathy's reinforcement after they went
home. All of us want our dogs to be good ambassadors when they are out and about. IMHO,
that happens when they are well behaved and are taught to respect others.

Cathy and I are going on a road trip to So. Carolina mid-October and are planning to take the
pup-pups if their obedience behavior is good. Fingers crossed!!

Update 10.25.13
We had a great time!! Kiawah has two off-lead dog beaches and we got some great video
of Julep and Ike frolicking in the surf chasing a toy rubber chicken. As soon as I figure out how
to put it up, will do so . . .

Ike Stacked at Kiawah

At Rusty's Place Dog Park, October 27, 2013